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The Indian Alliance of Patients Groups (IAPG) is a cross-disease alliance that represents patient groups, working to support the cause of patients and highlighting their needs. It draws attention to chronic diseases as well as rare and neglected diseases; and focuses on bringing patient voices to the centre of the conversation. IAPG has its secretariat in Dakshayani and Amaravati Health and Education and works through an advisory board constituted by experts and members from various fields. 

We at IAPG aim to facilitate and ensure a safe, effective, reliable patient and family-centred health system in India that provides timely access to the best available interventions for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care.

Our Vision

The Indian Alliance of Patient Groups was launched in November 2014 in New Delhi to bring together patient-centred organizations across diseases to advocate for better access to quality healthcare, including medicines, and improved safety in health care. Such a platform gives a strong, collective voice of the patient to support both government and private sector efforts to build a stronger, more accessible health care system that mutually benefits patients and healthcare providers throughout India. 

Our Goals

Promoting patient engagement in health policy decision-making.

Supporting access to the best available care across the country.

Advocating the need for new drugs, diagnostics and treatments for a better tomorrow.

Promoting health literacy and ensuring the availability of health information. 

Building a strong voice in support of building a responsive, patient-centred healthcare system. 

Advancing choice and empowerment of patients and their advocates.

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