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Diabetes Mallietus is a metabolic disorder where the body can not regulate the glucose level in blood, which is the main source of energy.. There are three types of diabetes, type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. Symptoms of diabetes are unusual weight loss, sweating, tingling in the feet, weakness, and hunger too(sometimes).. Once affected, the patient has to take oral medication or insulin which helps to regulate the blood glucose. The monitoring method is by regular blood tests. . The burden of diabetes is increasing globally, particularly in developing countries. While the causes are complex, but the increase is in large part due to rapid increases in overweight, including obesity and physical inactivity. There is good evidence that a large proportion of cases of diabetes and its complications can be prevented by a healthy diet, regular physical activity, maintaining a normal body weight and avoiding tobacco. Come let’s discuss and find the best solution.

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  • People injecting insulin regularly are prescribed to keep with the special portable machine for checking the blood glucose levels at regular intervals. It is important to monitor blood glucose levels as insulin is injected directly into the skin so the patient should monitor blood levels of glucose cautiously as well. Insulin undoubtedly helps a person to live-action but it has some serious side effects as well. Over injection of insulin can lead to sudden hypoglycemia, nausea, sweating. Patients in such cases need immediate help from the primary care physician near You . Thus people taking insulin need excessive care in the diet as well as insulin administration both.

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